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Haiti's New Dictatorship

Praise for Haiti's New Dictatorship

"...one of the most dramatic and compelling stories of modern history... vividly brought to life in this highly illuminating study." Noam Chomsky

"Podur offers a timely overview of the whole period of post-Aristide Haiti." Peter Hallward

"Podur's book explains how a country that is nominally democratic suffers under the yoke of a 'New Dictatorship' in which international actors and their Haitian elite partners leave the majority of Haitians with little effective influence over their own economic and political affairs." Brian Concannon

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An interview with activist Eva Bartlett about the siege of Gaza. Posted Feb 21, 2014.

Haiti investigation turned over to Dept. of Colonies

The Inter Press Service reports that CARICOM has agreed to turn the 'investigation' of Aristide's 'ouster' (let's be polite for once) over to the Organization of American States (OAS, which Che Guevara called 'the department of colonies') instead of the United Nations. CARICOM has been under tremendous pressure from the US and Canada to accept the coup and stop asking questions, and this can probably be viewed as the first sign that the pressure is working.


More Bolivia: a coup in the offing?

Folks might recall that in October of last year there were massive mobilizations in Bolivia (you can look back through ZNet Bolivia Watch for lots of material) that led to the ouster of President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, a fellow nicknamed the 'gringo' for his American accent and his propensity for selling the country off to US Multinationals (to be fair, he wasn't alone in it, nor did he invent the practice, even in Bolivia).


For North American watchers of Latin America the work of Forrest Hylton is as indispensable on Bolivia as the work of Gregory Wilpert is on Venezuela (you can find Forrest's work on Bolivia at ZNet's Bolivia Watch and Wilpert's at Venezuela Watch or, of course, Venezuelanalysis.com.

What makes a scandal, scandalous?

This is a question that's been puzzling me.

This morning, Rahul Mahajan's blog provided a link to the video footage of the helicopter pilots murdering helpless Iraqis from a distance with heavy machine guns. Rahul has also been scrupulous about republishing the photos of the abuse (don't call it torture, whatever you do) that have been coming out in the mainstream media.


Canadians torture too...

Just a little note to remind Canadians -- in case anyone doubted it -- that Canada shares the same racism, militarism, and machismo that the US has. The many macabre photos of the torture of Iraqi prisoners by US troops and mercenaries ought to have instantly brought to mind the photos of Canadian soldiers torturing to death Somali teenager Shidane Arone in 1993, and the execution of others.


Write letters to York's Presidnt

Yes, I spelled Presidnt without the 'e', because that's how York University's President's email address is: presidnt@yorku.ca. If you are going to write a letter to help Daniel Freeman-Maloy, the Jewish activist who was expelled from the campus for his use of a megaphone while he was being shouted down by large groups of counter-protesters, please be courteous and civil. I believe this is a case where pressure will help, but though the expulsion is absurd, writing emails proportionate to the absurdity unfortunately won't help, in my assessment anyway.

The War on the Indigenous of Colombia

Some news from Colombia's indigenous.

In Cali, 5 days ago a member of the indigenous reserve of San Francisco, in Northern Cauca, Colombia named Aparicio Nuscue Nuscue died of wounds in a hospital in Cali. The wounds were taken courtesy of the Colombian Army, who shot him while he was performing a traditional ceremony at a sacred site on April 5 of this year. Northern Cauca is being steadily militarized, occupied by the National Police and Army, who commit a regular grind of abuses against the remarkable indigenous movement of the Nasa in that region.

Special Killing Train Job Offer!

Private Mercenary Company Seeks to fill Baghdad Interrogator Position


The Surreal World of Campus Activism, Part II

Campus activists who work on Israel/Palestine issues will know about Hillel. Hillel is a group that ostensibly exists to promote Jewish cultural and religious life on campuses, but in fact promotes occupation and militarism in many cases. When the Hillel chapter President at University of Richmond objected to this, she was removed as President a day later. This is a story worth reading in full, so I've posted the entire story from the Chronicle of Higher Education below. The bare bones: Jillian Redford, the Hillel chapter president, had been receiving messages from the Israeli Embassy.

The Surreal World of Campus Activism, Part I

I assume that a (small) part of my (humble) readership consists of campus activists working on Israel/Palestine issues. These very strange stories will be of interest to that demographic and others. First is the tale of Daniel Freeman-Maloy, one of the En Camino co-conspirators, a member of OCAP, and a very principled activist.


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