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A new political novel by Justin Podur

About The Demands of the Dead

When police killed his two best friends in a supposedly accidental shooting, detective Mark Brown left the force bitter and angry, abandoning a promising career and leaving his special skills to languish. A year later, the trail of one of the killers has Mark looking south, to Mexico, just as he receives a mysterious, anonymous, encrypted message over e-mail: The dead demand much more than vengeance. Drawn into the conflict zone by the connection to the deaths of his friends, Mark finds that he has to work on both sides to solve the case, in a place where any mistake could endanger lives – or reignite a war.

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Dispensing with the paramilitaries in Colombia

It is official -- Colombia is dispensing with its paramilitary units.

From now on, the Colombian Army will do the killing itself.

Brazil and Haiti

For those of you who will watch the Bush address tonight, I wish you well on the masochistic enterprise. I am capable of reading the texts after the fact, but mental health preservation precludes me spending too much time watching these people on television.

Other things to report. The Brazilian commander of the UN 'peacekeeping mission' in Haiti that is to take over the occupation of that country soon was interviewed for Correio Brazilense and the interview was translated into english. It is interesting, and quite sad, to hear a Brazilian answering a question like this:


blogging about blogs

I have linked to Zeynep Toufe's blog, 'Under the Same Sun', which promises to have interesting content (being crazy about the colour scheme is not obligatory). I've read pretty much everything Toufe has presented, and she strikes me as brilliant, principled, and very independent.

The Nasayuwe of Colombia at the United Nations

First things first. I've just published a photo essay on the indigenous movement in Northern Cauca. Please check it out.

On the subject, representatives from the Nasa indigenous communities of Northern Cauca, Colombia, were at the United Nations last week. Everyone should have their day at the UN, and the Nasa got five minutes, because they won the UNDP's Equatorial Initiative Award for Sustainable Development back in February 2004.

Some Canadian Content

Canadians will be heading to the polls well before US citizens in 2004, it turns out. As the federal elections approach, Canadians are once again faced with a truly abysmal choice.


US and Quentin Tarantino

I realized yesterday after writing my previous post on the US vs. Holy Matrimony that the inspiration for the wedding party massacres might have come from Hollywood. How many readers have seen Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'?


Did the US Marines watch the Haitian police open fire on a crowd?

The Haiti Information Project reports that Haitian police opened fire on a Lavalas demonstration, killing 9 people, while US Marines, supposedly there to guarantee the 'security' of the population of Haiti, watched. Can't verify the story but it certainly fits with everything else reported to be going on in Haiti, particularly with the attacks on Lavalas members.


The US versus Holy Matrimony

With all the sanctimony about marriage being a sacred thing, one would be justified in wondering why the US is so insistent on massacring wedding parties in the countries it occupies. For example, the latest massacre of over 40 people at a wedding party in Iraq, by way of an AC-130 Gunship.


India - the fight against fascism has only just begun...

Readers have probably heard that Sonia Gandhi will not be the Prime Minister of India. In some ways this is a good thing: she was going to be the leader of India because of her last name. But she is being replaced by Manmohan Singh, the man most associated with neoliberalism in India (again it is worth remembering that Sonia Gandhi got her last name by marriage to Rajiv Gandhi, and the neoliberal opening of India begun under Rajiv Gandhi). Less important,, it would have been kind of nice that India could have a Prime Minister who was born in another country and have it be no big deal.

Israel continues to kill, with media help

Its impunity ratified, Israel is continuing the slaughter in Gaza, and in particular in Rafah. MSNBC calls this 'forging ahead' to look for 'tunnels'. The bizarre and contorted story calls three of the people Israel killed 'militants', citing 'witnesses', then tacks on almost as an aside the fact that 'Medics said the mangled remains of two other men were found in what looked like another missile attack.' Then it goes on to cite the Army's justificaiton.


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